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Mark Andrews Mark_Andrews at
Mon Oct 23 06:29:48 UTC 2006

> As you all know, djb's mail server qmail makes a T_ANY query before
> making any others. My problem is somehow my bind 9.3.2 authoritative
> will often only return NS RRs to resolvers that drop other records of
> my zone from their cache (specifically, the nameservers at
> This causes yahoo's qmail to bounce with "CNAME lookup timed out" a
> lot, which is unacceptable for us. It is my understanding that T_ANY
> will only return what's cached, but if I am incorrect about this how do
> I fix my nameserver so that the wildcard query will return at the very
> least, the MX record for the zone (besides increasing TTL)?
> some details of the zone:
> 14400 IN     SOA 2006102016 3600
> 3600 604800 14400

	If you want help supply the real name and real zone contents

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