mail record problem

Steve Ingraham singraham at
Fri Oct 27 13:54:54 UTC 2006

I am not sure that it is or is not a DNS problem.  I was posting to this
list to see if any of you smart guys out there would have any insight.
I am attempting to understand a network that was set up by someone else.
I frankly do not quite understand why it was set up the way it was.

My problem has nothing to do with whether the or
the is bogus.  I was asking if anyone would have
some ideas as to why my users can no longer access our email by using from the internet as they had in the past and now
they have to use and why the smart phone I
mentioned could not access email using any address.  My belief is that
perhaps this is a configuration problem associated with domain names and
their associated IP addresses in some way but I really am not sure of
that at all either.  I am attempting to determine if there were some
changes to these IP addresses that may have caused this to happen.

If I knew the answers I would have no need to ask the question so
forgive me if I don't have the wisdom others on this list have.  I
thought I was on a list designed to offer some knowledge to people not
chastise them for the manner in which they asked a question.

Steve Ingraham

Kevin Darcey wrote:
I'm not sure why you think this might be a DNS problem. Both and resolve on the Internet. 
Whether the addresses to which they resolve are "appropriate" or not, we

have no way of knowing. You should know your own network well enough to 
tell whether those addresses are bogus or not.


Steve Ingraham wrote:
> Ok, I have a problem with my mail record for our domain.  Forgive me
> I leave out any details necessary to understand the situation but I
> try to explain what is happening.  We have a domain ( that
> an external DNS running BIND 9.2.4 on a RedHat AS 3 operating system.
> In August I had some configuration problems that caused some major
> delivery problems.  I was able to iron most of the problems out and so
> far our DNS has been working and email has been delivered.  However I
> have one problem I have not been able to resolve.  Our email is
> delivered to the same RedHat machine mentioned above that is running
> qmail.  The qmail receives all incoming mail on the email gateway and
> delivers it to an internal email server running Microsoft Exchange
> server named MXI.  The majority of users have mailboxes on this
> We also have a Microsoft Exchange 2003 server named MXI2 with a
> of mailboxes on this machine including my personal mailbox.  The email
> client used on all the user machines is Outlook.
> We also have the capability to access email via the web using Outlook
> Web Access (OWA) and I have a Trio 650 smart phone that (had) the
> capability to access via popmail my email.  My 650 has not been able
> login to the mail server since July.  I have tried repeatedly to
> reconfigure the settings but nothing has worked.  I thought it was
> directed to mail at originally but that no longer works.  Our
> users used to also be able to login to on a web
> browser and get to their email from the web.  That no longer works
> however if I direct them to use they are able to
> get to their email account through OWA.  Mxi and mxi2 reside inside a
> firewall internally with different IP addresses from the email
> What has happened to the original configuration that was working prior
> to my August changes (I can define what those were if needed)?  What
> I do to get things back so the smart phone and the web access is
> directed back to our email server?
> Thanks for your help, let me know if I need to provide more
> Steve Ingraham
> Director of Information Services
> Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals
> singraham at
> 405 522-5343

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