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Sat Oct 28 04:09:42 UTC 2006

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 "Steve Ingraham" <singraham at> wrote:

> I am not sure that it is or is not a DNS problem.  I was posting to this
> list to see if any of you smart guys out there would have any insight.
> I am attempting to understand a network that was set up by someone else.
> I frankly do not quite understand why it was set up the way it was.
> My problem has nothing to do with whether the or
> the is bogus.  I was asking if anyone would have
> some ideas as to why my users can no longer access our email by using
> from the internet as they had in the past and now
> they have to use and why the smart phone I
> mentioned could not access email using any address.  My belief is that
> perhaps this is a configuration problem associated with domain names and
> their associated IP addresses in some way but I really am not sure of
> that at all either.  I am attempting to determine if there were some
> changes to these IP addresses that may have caused this to happen.

Well, is the correct address for or 
isn't it?  That's what DNS is returning.  If it's correct, then this 
isn't a DNS problem.

When I try to connect to port 110 on that address, I never get a 
response.  This generally means one of these problems: 1) the server 
with that address is down; 2) the server is disconnected from the 
network; or 3) there's a firewall or filtering router blocking POP 
connections to the server.

It doesn't look like #1 or #2, because I can ping the address.  Also, I 
can connect to the web server on this address, too.  I see the same web 
page as when I go to, although that address 
resolves to

I suggest you investigate firewall problems.

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