bind 9.2.1 ON rh9

Mueller, Rex rmueller at
Mon Oct 30 15:30:28 UTC 2006

We need to look into a problem, can you point in a direction in which to

We are having a problem on a box that acts as our primary DNS machine
running Redhat 9.0 and BIND 9.2.1.. Periodically it quits replying to
DNS requests, we clear the cache with rndc flush, sometimes, that does
not work we have to kill -9 named processes. and restart. Sometimes it
hangs and halts the system altogether.


I've looked in /var/log/messages there are RRSets and some lameserver
entries but we can't seem to isolate what the problem truly is. 


The hardware is a Dell server, it'd had been working fine for a couple
of year and as it was we'd have to rndc flush periodically (once per
month..) now it is occuring daily. Sometimes to the point of halting the
box. Can't say whether it's hardware or software. 


Can we put our primary DNS address (via ifconfig) to the secondary and
take the primary offline to do hardware diagnostics? 


At this point we are baffled and need some assistance. Any insight from
the group would be greatly appreciated.. 


Rex Mueller - Unix Systems 
Educational Service Unit #3 

Omaha, Nebraska 

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