Bind 9.2.4, views, and different class Bs

Kevin Darcy kcd at
Mon Oct 30 21:24:41 UTC 2006

carcarx at wrote:
> We're running Bind 9.2.4 on RedHat EL3. We have several private IP
> address spaces as class Bs.
> All is well without any view "blocks". When I add some views, one
> representation
> of an anti-virus caching zone that has a different view depending on 4
> different IP originations,
> but the rest surrounded by a view with "match-clients { "any";};
> Strangely the zone containing and
> aren't loaded, evidently,
> but there are no error messages in syslog
> Any ideas what might be happening?
Each view is like a separate slice of the database, there is no 
"inheritance" or sharing of data between views, short of playing 
file-level tricks, i.e. pointing the same zone definition in different 
views to the same file.

So, if some view other than the "any" view is matched, and there is no or defined in that view, then names 
in those two domains won't be visible for the matched client(s).

                              - Kevin

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