MX Record Configuration

Fr34k freaknetboy at
Mon Oct 30 20:47:22 UTC 2006

--- jerryyang_la1 at wrote:

> Hi.
> I currently have my MX records set as:
>     5
>   10
>   15
>   20
> This seems to work well, delivering email to my server (mail) and using
> my ISP (mail2) as a backup.  My ISP only spools the email, it doesn't
> host it as such.
> I'm thinking of changing this, and would like to know if there is any
> issue using ""  instead of using "" Is
> there any issue using POST in an MX Record..
> I have a few issues with hosting my own email server, if my server or
> dsl goes down it takes a while for my ISP to spool it to me once my
> server is back.
> My ISP can host my email, to do this they would need to become MAIL. If
> I do this, I could become POST. My aim would be for Post to have a
> priority of 5 and Mail10.

If POST is your server, and you want MAIL to be primary MX hosted by your ISP,
then I think you want MAIL to be preference of 5 and POST preference of 10.
As you mention below, POST will POP3 email from MAIL.

Yes, you can do this.

HTH -- Chris

> This way if my server goes down, my isp will get the email, but not as
> a backup server as an actual host. I can set my server to then check
> for any email using normal POP3.
> Would this work OK, having 2 different hosts. ??
> Many Thanks

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