How do I query for all domains using a specific primary / secondary DNS?

Andy Shellam (Mailing Lists) andy.shellam-lists at
Tue Oct 31 00:09:37 UTC 2006

I would hazard a guess that it depends upon the root domain registrar 
(eg. Nominet for .uk) or whoever runs the primary DNS server you want to 
Sure, you might be able to do something akin to a zone transfer, but the 
DNS server admins would have to have given you/your server permission to 
do so first.

Polaris wrote:
> When you administer a domain name with a domain name register, you need
> to supply the primary and secondary DNS that points to where your
> domain is being hosted.
> I would like to find out the domain names of all the domains being
> hosted by my ISP. Is there some online tool where I can enter the
> primary DNS and obtain a list of all the domains that use the primary
> DNS? I would think that this must be possible because when I lookup a
> domain to find information about who the owner is, contact address,
> etc, it also lists their DNS. I can only assume that primary /
> secondary DNS are stored in a database somewhere and it should be
> possible to query the names of all domains using a specific DNS.
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