Problem after upgrading to BIND 9

Mark Andrews Mark_Andrews at
Fri Sep 1 04:59:16 UTC 2006

> Mark Andrews <Mark_Andrews at> wrote:
> >> Mark Andrews <Mark_Andrews at> wrote:
> >> > You have fixed the symptom but not the problem.  getaddrinfo(),
> >> > which telnet should be using, only looks for IPv6 addresses if there
> >> > is IPv6 support enabled.  You will have trouble talking to all dual
> >> > stack machines unless you find the real cause.
> >> 
> >> Do you mean the AI_ADDRCONFIG flag?  Doesn't that have to be set
> >> explicitly by the caller of getaddrinfo() as it is not a default?
> > RFC 2553       Basic Socket Interface Extensions for IPv6     March 1999
> >    The special flags value of AI_DEFAULT is defined as
> >       #define  AI_DEFAULT  (AI_V4MAPPED | AI_ADDRCONFIG)
> [my appologies if this dups, I received a reply both in email and to
>  the usenet group...]
> Interesting.  I find that in an HP-UX 11.11 include file, but not one
> on an Ubuntu Dapper system.
> I went looking at the RFC and while the thing is named AI_DEFAULT I
> didn't get the impression that it was meant to be the default if one
> didn't specify any flags:
> <excerpt>
>    The flags argument specifies the types of addresses that are searched
>    for, and the types of addresses that are returned.  We note that a
>    special flags value of AI_DEFAULT (defined below) should handle most
>    applications.
>    That is, porting simple applications to use IPv6 replaces the call
>       hptr = gethostbyname(name);
>    with
>       hptr = getipnodebyname(name, AF_INET6, AI_DEFAULT, &error_num);
> </excerpt>
> Which suggests it is still an explicit setting of a flag that
> implicitly includes AI_ADDRCONFIG.

	Yep.  If if they don't set the flag then the the connect()
	call should be failing because there is no route or because
	nothing is listening on the port.

	Something is seriously misconfigured in that box.  That's
	why I asked for the IPv6 route table.

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