2 name servers one ip

Barry Margolin barmar at alum.mit.edu
Thu Sep 7 23:02:30 UTC 2006

In article <edprev$45i$1 at sf1.isc.org>, "Paul A" <razor at meganet.net> 

> I recently took over a name server that I want to join with my current name
> server.
> I was thinking of having two A RRs, for the current name server and the
> server I just took over, pointing to the same ip.
> Example:
> Ns1.currentns.com would point to and so would ns1.newns.com.
> I want to do this so that all customers currently pointing their zones to
> ns1.newns.com don't have to make modifications with the NICs.
> I know this is obviously possible but is this against the RFC's and is it
> recommended or not ?

There's nothing wrong with it that I know of.  I think ancient versions 
of BIND sometimes had problems if zones were not properly loaded -- if 
it didn't recognize the name that the zone was delegated to as its own 
hostname, it might forward queries to itself, but now it checks the IP 
rather than the hostname so this shouldn't cause trouble.  (It's 
possible I'm misremembering -- this could have been a sendmail issue 
rather than a BIND issue.)

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