New to DNS

Sutabi sutabi at
Fri Sep 8 07:59:28 UTC 2006

I am a web developer more then a network admin and DNS has always
scared me. I started out with a shared host, then a vm server and now
need to move to a dedicated server and I have only problem is I have to
setup dns stuff.

Currently I have about 7 sites, I'd like to mirgrate onto this server,
apache is already setup as well as mysql and so on.

So I have 1 server, 4 ip addresses and 7 domain names. Bind 9 is supose
to be completely written and easier to deal with so I've compile and
installed it but I'm a bit lost on Zones. Also name servers baffle me
since I only have 1 server, cant nameservers run on the same server as
my http/mail/database?

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