some definitions of terms im searching for

Jonathan Horne freebsd at
Sat Sep 9 02:31:29 UTC 2006

i was reading the article on bind and views with master/slaves here:

and i saw:

        recursion yes;
        recursion no;

...with yes being allowed on internal views, and no for external views.  what 
exactly is recursion and what does it affect from the clients point of view 
or operation?

my second question was the:

         allow-transfer { any; };
         allow-transfer { none; };

...also used within internal and external respectively.  how exactly do those 
affect a client?  i did notice that my slave was unable to transfer 
the 'none' zone until i changed 'none' to 'ip-alias-of-slave'.  i would 
assume that having just a single ip listed (of my slave) is basically the 
same as 'none' security wise, but i would like to have a better understanding 
of what these 2 examples mean.

other than that, my 20 zones are up and functioning correctly... i just dont 
know why :)

thanks in advance,

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