Dynamic Update Fails on Upper Case Host Name

George L. Sexton gsexton at cable.mhsoftware.com
Tue Sep 12 14:45:34 UTC 2006

On Mon, 11 Sep 2006 13:39:48 -0700, Gregory Hicks wrote:

>> > It's mostly working. I have one problem child. The host name offered via
>> > DHCP is MSS_1D34B7. DHCPD won't create the entries.
>> Ahh, I see the issue. It appears I need to disable check-names.
> Why not fix the name so that it is 'legal'?

The device is a Lantronix Serial terminal server embedded in a
LED display sign, so it didn't really occur to me.

After some horsing around I was able to change the hostname that it sends
to exclude the _.

George Sexton
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