Bind 9 for Windows

Steve Ingraham singraham at
Wed Sep 13 18:38:53 UTC 2006

> Yes...5th edition is the latest version and covers up to 9.3...
>> >My recommendation is to also
>> >get the DNS and BIND book 4th edition to get familiar with the bind
>> >options, etc...
>> Forgive me for interjecting a question here.  I just called Barnes &
>> Noble to inquire about the "DNS and BIND" 4th edition book.  They
>> me over the phone they had the 5th edition.  Does anyone know
>> about what the difference between the 4th edition and 5th edition
>would be?  I am currently running BIND DNS version 9.2.4.  Would the
>> edition cover this version of BIND?

Thanks for the info.

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