peculiar lookup timeouts

Adam Young adamy at
Thu Sep 14 16:22:50 UTC 2006

> > 	In my experience, it is either a problem with the delegation
> > 	or problems with middle boxes that stop lookups working
> > 	99.9% of the time.  You use external delegation checkers for
> > 	the first and packet tracers for the second.
> In particular, the most common cause of problems where lookups work when
> you restart named, but later the same lookups fail, seems to be an
> inconsistency between the delegation of the domain and the NS records in
> the domain itself.  It can happen easily if the NS records in the domain
> point to hostnames that are also in the same domain -- they won't have
> glue records in the parent zone, and that will cause failures.  I've
> also seen it happen when the hostnames that are in the delegation are
> CNAME records in the domain itself.

Hi Barry,

In the case that the delegation and NS records are inconsistent, I suppose
there is no solution since it would be a problem on the remote side of
things, correct?

I just figured in the case of '' that this type of thing wouldn't


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