peculiar lookup timeouts

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Thu Sep 14 04:17:01 UTC 2006

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 Mark Andrews <Mark_Andrews at> wrote:

> 	In my experience, it is either a problem with the delegation
> 	or problems with middle boxes that stop lookups working
> 	99.9% of the time.  You use external delegation checkers for
> 	the first and packet tracers for the second.

In particular, the most common cause of problems where lookups work when 
you restart named, but later the same lookups fail, seems to be an 
inconsistency between the delegation of the domain and the NS records in 
the domain itself.  It can happen easily if the NS records in the domain 
point to hostnames that are also in the same domain -- they won't have 
glue records in the parent zone, and that will cause failures.  I've 
also seen it happen when the hostnames that are in the delegation are 
CNAME records in the domain itself.

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