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Fri Sep 15 12:03:04 UTC 2006

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Remco Rijnders wrote:
>> Hi all!!
>> I'm trying to set up BIND9 for the first time, and I need a little help...
>> I have a VPS (with Debian) with two IPs and I would like to set up a
>> domain ( and two NS for that domain ( and
>> I have read many how-tos and docs but I wasn't able to
>> make it work.
> Hi Daniele,
> You also have to update the nameservers on your domain registration. Just
> adding records on the nameserver you intend to be authorative for your
> domain does not magically enable other machines to find them (otherwise I
> could also set up nameservers for your domain etc.)
> Currently the nameservers for are:
> []
> []
> Use the interface provided to you by your domain registrar to update this.
> Please note that it might take some time for this change to become visible
> to the outside world.
> Kind regards,
> Remco Rijnders

Stephane Bortzmeyer wrote:
> On Fri, Sep 15, 2006 at 12:52:59PM +0200,
>  Daniele Salatti <danielesalatti at> wrote 
>  a message of 62 lines which said:
>> But I can't resolve nor from a
>> remote machine (while it works if I try on the VPS).
> Of course, noone knows that your servers serve With the
> DNS, you can always claim to be a bishop. But, as long as the pope
> does not tell the people that you are the bishop, they will not listen
> to you...
> is currently delegated to and
> You'll need to change that in the ".net" registry
> (the pope). Ask Dot Registrar on how to do so.

First of all, thank you for the fast reply!
I have tryed to do this, but when updating from the interface of my
domain registrar ( I get the error "The IP address of this
host could not be resolved"... I don't know exactly how this work, but I
thought that ns1 and ns2 should be resolvable before I update those
records on the panel...
Another thing I'm not sure about: is it possible to have an outoritative
NS for a domain in the same zone of the domain?

Thanks and regards,
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