Virtual Hosts, Reverse Lookup and Mailserver

Chris Buxton cbuxton at
Tue Sep 19 20:32:08 UTC 2006

Create exactly one PTR record for the address, for your main domain.  
To solve the mail issue, rather than looking at PTR records, look at  
your MX records - make all the MX records refer to the same name.  
That is, instead of this:

domain.		MX	10  mx.domain.

Use this:

domain.		MX	10  mx.maindomain.

You should also create SPF records in each domain. See <http://>.

Chris Buxton
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On Sep 19, 2006, at 2:50 AM, susikaufmann2003 at wrote:

> Hello,
> I have a Linux server with about 15 domains and 1 IP, that's why I use
> virtual hosts. So far, no problem, but now I have seen, that the
> reverse lookup of the domains is not correct. It gives back one of the
> domains (the "inclusive" Domain to my webserver). But this is not good
> for mailing, because I had problems to receive some mails, because of
> wrong reverse loookup...
> So, how can I (easily) correct this, so that the reverse lookup of  
> e.g.
> leads not to
> Thank you in advance for any help,
> Susanne

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