Shaheen wael.shaheen at
Thu Sep 21 13:57:12 UTC 2006

Mark Andrews wrote:

> 	These will almost always be the result of a bad delegation.

What do yuo mean by bad delegation? the domains am trying to resolve
are not hosted on my servers, they are external domains.

> > 2- When restarting named daemon sometimes I get the error that it is already
> > running when trying to start, and by initiating /etc/init.d/named start, it
> > starts fine afterward.
> 	The restart script doesn't wait for named to finish exiting.
> 	Talk to the scipts maintainer.

Thank you, I will do that.

> > 3- Some records are cached even though TTL is expired.
> 	You are confused.  Named will not return a expired record.

I also have internal DNS server the same version and let me give you an
example about what happened. = then changed to
from internal resolves to, but External DNS
still resolves to
when i restart the daemon or rndc flush it starts resolving to

thank you, I appreciate your help


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