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Sun Sep 24 23:03:25 UTC 2006

Mark Andrews wrote:
> 	Named *is* stable.
> 	This is a classic case of "Garbage In - Garbage Out".
> 	People don't keep the NS RRsets in the parent and child
> 	zones in sync.  People don't keep the glue (parent) and the
> 	real address records (child) in sync.
> 	The rules for making this work are pretty simple.
> 	Sometime you need to use a clue bat.  There are plenty
> 	of sites which will check if the records are in sync and
> 	report if they are not.
> 	Registries and registrars could be doing there part as
> 	well by checking the delegation *before* they are added /
> 	changed to ensure that the RRsets are consistant with what
> 	the change would produce.  They could also periodically
> 	be rechecking (e.g. daily) and reporting errors so they
> 	can be fixed.

Thank you but that wont solve my problem I need to have a solution for
this, am having this problem with so many domains and I can't keep
asking other domain administrators to solve their problems
I just need a stable named that resolves everything fine.
Please advice

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