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Mon Sep 25 00:12:45 UTC 2006

> Mark Andrews wrote:
> > 	Named *is* stable.
> >
> > 	This is a classic case of "Garbage In - Garbage Out".
> >
> > 	People don't keep the NS RRsets in the parent and child
> > 	zones in sync.  People don't keep the glue (parent) and the
> > 	real address records (child) in sync.
> >
> > 	The rules for making this work are pretty simple.
> >
> >
> > 	Sometime you need to use a clue bat.  There are plenty
> > 	of sites which will check if the records are in sync and
> > 	report if they are not.
> >
> > 	Registries and registrars could be doing there part as
> > 	well by checking the delegation *before* they are added /
> > 	changed to ensure that the RRsets are consistant with what
> > 	the change would produce.  They could also periodically
> > 	be rechecking (e.g. daily) and reporting errors so they
> > 	can be fixed.
> Thank you but that wont solve my problem I need to have a solution for
> this, am having this problem with so many domains and I can't keep
> asking other domain administrators to solve their problems

	Why not?  They are basically the ones that are breaking the
	resolution.  The DNS is a co-operative effort.  Everyone
	needs to do their part.

> I just need a stable named that resolves everything fine.
> Please advice

	There is NO nameserver that can resolve everything fine.

	Named is IPv4 and IPv6 transport aware so it sees
	misconfigurations that IPv4 only nameservers don't usually
	see because it asks for both A and AAAA address.  The later
	are not usually satisfied by glue and as such named sees
	the zone content and hence the configuration errors.

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