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Mon Sep 25 13:01:05 UTC 2006

Mark Andrews wrote:
> 	Why not?  They are basically the ones that are breaking the
> 	resolution.  The DNS is a co-operative effort.  Everyone
> 	needs to do their part.
We are a service provider and we can't have such a problem as people
will simply move to others who can resolve the names they want without
needing to report a problem every day about websites don't open or
names don't resolve.
If this is made by the upgrade we made to our DNS servers then maybe
downgrading again may be a good idea?!

> 	There is NO nameserver that can resolve everything fine.
> 	Named is IPv4 and IPv6 transport aware so it sees
> 	misconfigurations that IPv4 only nameservers don't usually
> 	see because it asks for both A and AAAA address.  The later
> 	are not usually satisfied by glue and as such named sees
> 	the zone content and hence the configuration errors.

Why does it resolve the failed to resolve names after restarting named

Thank you

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