One Server, two IPs, DNS setup

Matt elitescripts2000 at
Mon Sep 25 04:54:24 UTC 2006

Just make both your APache and BIND listen for connections on ALL interfaces (
ipaddresses ) on the server.

--- tbnarvaez at wrote:

> I`d appreciate very much any help with the following problem:
> I have one web server connect to the internet via Provider A. By the
> way, the ip address asigned to that server (IP A) belongs to Provider A
> as well as the DNS server I use.
> The problem is that link is very unstable and it is constantly out of
> service.
> Because of this situation I am adding a second internet link with
> Provider B who will also assign its own IP address to my web server (IP
> B).
> In order for this to work I am thinking about doing the following:
> a). I will assign to the web server both IP addresses in the same NIC.
> b) In Providers A's DNS server I will assign to the web server two IP
> addresses: the one assigned by Provider A and the second one from
> Provider B.
> My questions are:
> 1. Is this all I should do?
> 2. Will it be any off time because of the DNS broadcast of the new IP
> address (or even the old IP Address)?
> 3. If link A fails will it be possible for a client to access the web
> server via Provider B's link even if the DNS server belongs to Provider
> A? 
> Thanks in advance for any comments or suggestions.

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