Get all RR's from a zone

Kevin Darcy kcd at
Wed Sep 27 17:15:46 UTC 2006

Ronni Jensen wrote:
> Hi,
> I am sorry if this question is more general on DNS diagnostics than
> related to bind, I hope someone can and will help me though :)
> Is there a way (using dig or whatever) to get a list of all RR's in a
> specific zone? If I use "dig any" I only get NS, MX, TXT and
> A records, but I need all.. also CNAME's etc.
The rule is, if a DNS name owns a CNAME RR, it can't own any RRs of any 
other type. So *either* you get a CNAME as an answer to your ANY query 
*or* you get records of other types. You can't legally get a mixture of 
CNAME and other records, all owned by the same name.

Or, perhaps you meant you want to see all CNAMEs that refer to a given 
name. There's no practical way to do that. I could, for example, add a 
CNAME in my *internal* DNS pointing to one of your Internet names, and 
you would never know. No tool that you run on the Internet can find that 

- Kevin

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