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Wed Sep 27 19:36:11 UTC 2006

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> I am running BIND 9.2.2 9 (with DLZ) on a Linux host, and am looking
> for API documentation to
>   1. get BIND version information
>   2. control the server (stop/start/etc)
>   3. verify zone information (eg query for records to
>          mimic NSLOOKUP functionality)
>   4. update records
>   5. create/manage delegation across many zones
>   I have searched quite a few web sites, as well as this newsgroup,
> and have not seen  anything definitive. I also have the O'Reilly
> "Cricket Book", but don't see anything there either.
>   Any links, pointers, etc would be greatly appreciated. I must create
> a custom management tool with C#.
>   Thanks.

You can use the standard resolver API for #1 and #3.  To get BIND 
version information, look up the record with name VERSION.BIND, class 
CHAOS, type TXT.  To verify zone information, look up the records you 
want to verify.

There's no standard API for #2, AFAIK.  The rndc command is the user 
interface, so you could run it with system().

#4 and #5 can be done with the dynamic update mechanism.  This uses the 
same protocol as querying the server, but I'm not sure if the resolver 
library provides access to this functionality.

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