APIs for Management and More

Kevin Darcy kcd at daimlerchrysler.com
Wed Sep 27 19:50:39 UTC 2006

xeroxero wrote:
> I am running BIND 9.2.2 9 (with DLZ) on a Linux host, and am looking
> for API documentation to
>   1. get BIND version information

>   2. control the server (stop/start/etc)
rndc, see pages 145-147 of _DNS_and_BIND_, Fourth Edition
>   3. verify zone information (eg query for records to
>          mimic NSLOOKUP functionality)
dig (pages 398-402 of _DNS_and_BIND_, Fourth Edition), the Net::DNS 
module for Perl (pages 493-497, _DNS_and_BIND_, Fourth Edition)
>   4. update records
nsupdate, pages 251-258 of _DNS_and_BIND_, Fourth Edition
>   5. create/manage delegation across many zones
nsupdate again (just be sure to use the "zone" command when trying to 
update NS records above a zone cut)
>   I have searched quite a few web sites, as well as this newsgroup,
> and have not seen  anything definitive. I also have the O'Reilly
> "Cricket Book", but don't see anything there either.

>   Any links, pointers, etc would be greatly appreciated. I must create
> a custom management tool with C#.
Why are you locked into using C#? Is this a homework assignment? All of 
the above can be done with components of the BIND distribution and/or 
commonly-available and free scripting tools.

- Kevin

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