broadcast wael.shahin at
Wed Sep 27 22:12:49 UTC 2006

Joseph S D Yao wrote:

> This is what is called "copping an attitude".  It is the opposite of
> useful.  Frustration at the lack of immediate gratification is ...
> somewhat ... understandable.  But some degree of tolerance is part of
> the price of free support for your software.

No one is wearing an attitude in here, I do appreciate so much all
thoes who were helping me and I wouldn't get anywhere without thier
support and patience with me, and i already said so in my previous post
Secially Mark Andrews who has really been so helpful
Bill Larson, Martin Stransky, Barry Margolin, Kevin Darcy, Kirk and
Joseph S D Yao

> I am pretty sure a useful suggestion was made the other day, about using
> the "-4" flag in your startup file if you are pretty sure that IPv6 is
> part of your problem.  We have not yet heard any feedback about what
> happened when you tried this.

Well, I havent used the -4 option, everything seems to be working
properly with the ncache 1 second option.


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