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Fri Sep 29 08:15:11 UTC 2006

On Fri, 29 Sep 2006, Peter Dambier wrote:

Actually, there is one other advantage in using TCP:

I frequently use a cellular link (GPRS).  I use it on moving vehicles like 
trains and in areas where 1000+ msec latency is standard. 
I've searched around windows for the longest time for a way to fix badly 
broken negative caching behavior, but have realized that if there were 
some way to tweak the resolver to do TCP-only, I would at the very least 
be at the advantage of a connection-based protocol instead of at the mercy 
of a negative cache.

That said, I could certainly install BIND and point my resolver at 
localhost, but does BIND support an option to force TCP?  (Even assuming 
that to prevent the firewall issue, I set forward-only so I wasn't 
randomly trying the commonly blocked TCP port everywhere).



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