cannot connect

Steve Ingraham singraham at
Fri Sep 29 17:05:12 UTC 2006

Sam Wilson wrote:
> > Ping is generally a bad connection test. It uses ICMP which most
> > wi
> > ll
> > block.
> 	Any sane firewall will accept ICMP.  TCP and UDP don't
> 	operate correctly if you block ICMP.
> 	The only problem with ICMP/ECHO was with directed broadcasts
> 	and any router purchased in the last 10 years has support
> 	for directed broadcasts off by default.

>With respect there was also the ping of death, and many net admins fear

>DDoS with ping so think they should block it.

I was informed today from the webmaster in question that they are
blocking ping on their website so my pings were going unanswered.

Steve Ingraham

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