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Steve Ingraham singraham at
Fri Sep 29 16:43:27 UTC 2006

This is a reply to my own post. This morning after the below posted
message I was able to discuss this failure with the webmaster for  He informed me that yesterday their network
administrators made some changes to their internal IP addressing
structure.  He did not know exactly why work on this would affect our
ability to access their website.  However this morning it appears that
we are able to access their site again.  I just wanted to post this to
inform everyone that the problems appear to have been on their site and
not ours.  I also want to say I greatly appreciate everyone on this mail
list.  It is invaluable to have the opportunity to talk with all of you
and gain from your expertise.

Thanks to everyone for posting on here.
Steve Ingraham

Dawn Connelly wrote:
>Ping is generally a bad connection test. It uses ICMP which most
firewalls >will
>block. A better test is to telnet on port 80. If you are a windows
person, >get
>into a cmd window and type telnet <IP Address> 80 <enter>. That gives
you a
>test using TCP over 80 which is going to more accurately reflect what
>holes are open.

I was unable to work on this issue until this morning (Fri, 8:00).  This
morning I ran a telnet on my workstation.  Here is the result of that

Results for IP address
Connecting to . .Could not open connection to the host, on
port 80:  Connection failed.

Results for IP address
Connecting to . .Could not open connection to the host, on
port 23:  Connection failed.

Dawn Connelly wrote:
>Did you do a lookup for a workstation that can't connect? If you are
>getting DNS
>resolution at the workstation level, then most likely DNS isn't your
>Make sure that the IP address that you are resolving matches the IP
>you get when you test from outside your network. If they are different,
>you probably have a hand jammed zone file some where. To find that
rogue >DNS
>server, do the following from a cmd window:
>nslookup <enter>
>set q=soa <enter>
> <enter>

I did an nslookup also.  Here are the results of that look up:

Default Server:

>set q=soa

DNS request timed out.
    Timeout was 2 seconds.
*** Request to timed-out

So neither of these are working from my workstation.  However, I can now
go to the website this morning.  Why would I not be able to
telnet in or see anything using nslookup but now be able to get to their

I appreciate any and all assistance,
Steve Ingraham

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