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> > > Ping is generally a bad connection test. It uses ICMP which most firewall
> s 
> > > wi
> > > ll
> > > block.
> > 
> > 	Any sane firewall will accept ICMP.  TCP and UDP don't
> > 	operate correctly if you block ICMP.
> > 
> > 	The only problem with ICMP/ECHO was with directed broadcasts
> > 	and any router purchased in the last 10 years has support
> > 	for directed broadcasts off by default.
> With respect there was also the ping of death, which is a IP
	problem not a ICMP problem.  You could do the same with UDP,
	TCP or anything else carried on IP.

> and many net admins fear 
> DDoS with ping so think they should block it.

	You can DDoS with any traffic you let through.  ICMP is
	not special here.  Filtering ICMP doesn't stop you being
	As I said, blocking ICMP is irrational.  It doesn't really
	protect anything and it breaks TCP and UDP, both of which
	depend in it for correct operation.  It also hinders diagnosis
	of network problems.

	Similarly blocking UDP/TCP traffic just on from ports is


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