scope agnostic IPv6 prefixes in BIND 9.3.4

Vasiliy Baranov Vasiliy.Baranov at Sun.COM
Fri Aug 17 17:05:56 UTC 2007


By any chance, does anyone know if it is possible, with BIND 9.3.4, to 
use "scope agnostic" IPv6 prefixes in ACLs, like fe80::/64? I've been 
using these with 9.2.4 for a while, and then upgraded to 9.3.4 (which 
seems to be the latest version officially distributed for Solaris), and 
it stopped working. It took some time to figure out that in 9.3.4 I must 
specify the scope for every prefix, like fe80::%1/64.

As follows from the 9.5.0 documentation, it should not be necessary to 
specify the scope with 9.5.0 again (and although it is not documented it 
looks like it is not necessary with 9.4.1 either). But my question is, 
is it possible not to do it with 9.3.4? May be some option or 
configuration entry? I tried things like fe80::%0/64 but it didn't work.

Thank you,

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