scope agnostic IPv6 prefixes in BIND 9.3.4

Mark Andrews Mark_Andrews at
Sat Aug 18 01:20:52 UTC 2007

> Hi,
> By any chance, does anyone know if it is possible, with BIND 9.3.4, to 
> use "scope agnostic" IPv6 prefixes in ACLs, like fe80::/64? I've been 
> using these with 9.2.4 for a while, and then upgraded to 9.3.4 (which 
> seems to be the latest version officially distributed for Solaris), and 
> it stopped working. It took some time to figure out that in 9.3.4 I must 
> specify the scope for every prefix, like fe80::%1/64.
> As follows from the 9.5.0 documentation, it should not be necessary to 
> specify the scope with 9.5.0 again (and although it is not documented it 
> looks like it is not necessary with 9.4.1 either). But my question is, 
> is it possible not to do it with 9.3.4? May be some option or 
> configuration entry? I tried things like fe80::%0/64 but it didn't work.

	You need BIND 9.5.

2154.   [func]          Scoped (e.g. IPv6 link-local) addresses may now be
                        matched in acls by omitting the scope. [RT #16599]

	See isc_netaddr_equal().

> Thank you,
> Vasiliy
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