How to handle bind 9 as resolver on bad wireless links

Adam Tkac atkac at
Tue Aug 21 11:36:55 UTC 2007

Mark Andrews napsal(a):
>> So there is no way to decrease bind's concurrency level and increase
>> the timeouts?
> 	With forwarders (and forward only) you remove all the traffic
> 	except that for the direct queries.  Note the timeouts are
> 	in the stub resolver not named.  Named will try much longer
> 	than the stub resolver.

Perfect solution for notebooks is use named compiled with dynamic 
forwarders setup through D-Bus (see contrib subdirectory). I'm using 
this feature on my notebook with dhcdbd (daemon which update named's 
forwarders database) and NetworkManager (program which controls 
networking, especially sets default nameserver in my /etc/resolv.conf to With this you have perfect mobility and you don't have to 
always check what server is forwarder and setting named + resolver. 
BIND's configuration needs only one nasty hack:

forward only;
forwarders { <put some unexisting address here>; };


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