From RHEL to CentOS BIND 9

Adam Tkac atkac at
Wed Dec 5 17:02:41 UTC 2007

On Wed, Dec 05, 2007 at 11:52:54AM -0500, Alan Clegg wrote:
> isplist at wrote:
> > Done. I'm running 9.3.3 on the new server. Note that the RPM did not create a 
> > link in /etc for named.conf but has for rndc.key back to 
> > /var/named/chroot/etc.
> I hate to throw another monkey onto the pile of dead ones that this
> thread has already generated, but...
> If you are going through all of this to get your nameserver "updated",
> why not go ahead and pull in 9.4.2 instead of using code that was
> released nearly a year ago tomorrow and has known outstanding issues?
> AlanC

That code is 9.3.3rc2 with all security patches. In next update source
will be based on regular 9.3.4P1 . Compilation of 9.4.2 directly from
source will be more vulnerable than distribution package.


Adam Tkac, Red Hat, Inc.

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