From RHEL to CentOS BIND 9

isplist at isplist at
Wed Dec 5 18:07:16 UTC 2007

>> If you are going through all of this to get your nameserver "updated",
>> why not go ahead and pull in 9.4.2 instead of using code that was
>> released nearly a year ago tomorrow and has known outstanding issues?

One of the problems with networking is the assumption that all admins need to 
become guru's at everything they touch. The fact is, there are a lot of people 
out there who cannot become guru, they need to depend on being able to get 
something built, that gives them reasonable security behind firewall's and can 
get ongoing updates. 

For those people, we need to be able to pull things together, make them work, 
give them a fair reasonable means of staying up to date while not forcing them 
to become guru's until they can afford to hire someone full time to take on 
that task.

My input based on consulting for MANY years.


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