From RHEL to CentOS BIND 9

Alan Clegg alan at
Wed Dec 5 19:41:48 UTC 2007

isplist at wrote:
>> looks like selinux to me.
> Correct, just getting a little confused here. I turned it off, don't really 
> need it. Back to trying to figure out why I'm still getting;
> //
> Dec  5 13:27:53 ns1 named[1789]: dumping master file: tmp-sR5ej2BMG9: open: 
> permission denied
> Dec  5 13:27:53 ns1 named[1789]: transfer of '' from xx.xx.xx.31#53: 
> failed while receiving responses: permission denied
> \\
Yup.  Mark already answered this one.  He's right.  If you understand
the chroot environment, you will see where the permissions are set wrong.

While you bemoan the need to "become an expert", you are missing the
point.  All of the problems that you are having are covered in
relatively basic knowledge of BIND and Linux.  You are not being asked
to become an expert, just a knowledgeable user.


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