From RHEL to CentOS BIND 9

isplist at isplist at
Wed Dec 5 20:11:39 UTC 2007

> While you bemoan the need to "become an expert", you are missing the
> point.  All of the problems that you are having are covered in
> relatively basic knowledge of BIND and Linux.  You are not being asked
> to become an expert, just a knowledgeable user.

You know, not to you personally but...

You're missing the point completely. The idea behind open source is to allow 
for choices so that MS for example is not the only choice out there. I love 
pushing OS where I can but I don't have time to learn everything I touch 
inside out or to become an expert at it all. 

I don't care to become an expert at installing the darn thing, I just expected 
it to work when I installed it so that I could easily move my records across. 
Instead, I keep getting lectures about needing to read more. All the while, I 
have suits watching what's going on and I'm making excuses as to why OS can 
sometimes be a little problematic but that we'll get it working, don't worry.

The community needs to stop acting like know it all's and just help others, 
wether they read or not otherwise, you just keep scaring folks who WILL 
eventually spend more time learning about everything they touch once they 
start being able to use it regularly.
You can all band together and keep telling me how wrong I am but I have plenty 
of skills and simply don't have the time to learn everything I touch to the 
enth degree. That's why I count on mailing lists and it's members so that I 
can use and keep pushing the OPEN SOURCE that is almost a gift to us all. 
Let's not ruin that uh? It gets old the greater than thou attitudes in open 


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