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Mark Andrews Mark_Andrews at
Wed Dec 5 19:55:36 UTC 2007

> > looks like selinux to me.
> Correct, just getting a little confused here. I turned it off, don't really 
> need it. Back to trying to figure out why I'm still getting;
> //
> Dec  5 13:27:53 ns1 named[1789]: dumping master file: tmp-sR5ej2BMG9: open: 
> permission denied
> Dec  5 13:27:53 ns1 named[1789]: transfer of '' from xx.xx.xx.31#53
> : 
> failed while receiving responses: permission denied
> \\
> Mike

	Your BASIC file permissions are WRONG.

	The user "named" does not have write permission on
	<chrootpath>/var/named.  This is the working directory you
	told named (directory "/var/named";) to use and it is the
	starting point for any relative file name in named.conf.
	"" is a relative file name as is "tmp-sR5ej2BMG9".
	Named opens it temporary files in the directory that it
	going to rename the file to ("" in this case).  This
	allows named to atomically replace master files using

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