Misfeature of 9.4.2 named-checkzone

Mark Andrews Mark_Andrews at isc.org
Mon Dec 10 21:37:26 UTC 2007

> There is an infelicity (I hesitate to call it a bug) in the 9.4.2
> version of named-checkzone.
> When using the -D option, the 9.3.4 named-checkzone used to output
> each RRset in a normalised order, e.g. A records with the same name
> were in ascending order.
> When applied to a zone file written by BIND, that's apparently still
> true in 9.4.2.

	It depends on the input order.

> But if one applies named-checkzone to a messily ordered 
> input zone file with the default output style (-F text -s full) then
> each RRset retains the order of the component RRs in the input.

	Which is required for rrset-order fixed.
> This makes it more awkward to compare zone files for equality (e.g. to
> answer the question "has any of this incremental update stuff caused
> zone content drift?"). Of course, one can always sort the output files
> from named-checkzone before comparing them, but this used not to be
> necessary.

	It should be possible to add a flag to get each RRset sorted.

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