bind-9.4.2, notify, slave and views; supported?

Kevin Darcy kcd at
Thu Dec 13 00:12:52 UTC 2007

A master won't send multiple NOTIFYs to the same slave IP address, and 
even if it did, there would need to be some way of differentiating those 
NOTIFYs, e.g. by source address, TSIG key or whatever, so that the 
slave, receiving the NOTIFYs, would know which view they belong to.

I think you're either going to have to implement a parallel set of views 
on your master, or maybe you can kludge things by having one slave 
NOTIFY another and spoof things so that the "far" slave accepts the 
"multi-hop" NOTIFY into a different view than the "single-hop" ones it 
receives directly from the master server. It might even be possible to 
contain this kludge within the config of the multi-view slave -- since 
each view is logically a different nameserver -- but I haven't 
completely thought that through...

- Kevin

Justin Pryzby wrote:
> Hi Everyone,
> We have a master server and 2 slaves, using TSIG notify.  This works
> for one slave, but not the 2nd, which uses views.  It doesn't matter
> if the 2nd slave's zones have a persistent backing file specified.
> It seems as if bind receives a notify, uniqifies the list of zones to
> be transfered (deliberately or otherwise), and updates exactly one
> view using that zone.  Is this a known/intentional behavior?  Can I
> configure bind to update all views?  Or does it forget to propogate
> the effect of the updated zone more completely?
> Thanks
> Justin
> PS. Please Cc: me in replies.

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