set up Reverse DNS zone

ram ram at
Wed Dec 19 14:33:21 UTC 2007

Actually the IP's are BGP announced at a theplanet datacentre. Should I
tell them to setup a reverse zone delegation ? 

On Wed, 2007-12-19 at 09:15 -0500, Jeff Lightner wrote:
> Did you tell your ISP which DNS servers to use for your reverse lookups?
> Your Registrar typically provides you the domain name.   Many will also
> allow you to setup your DNS entries on their DNS servers.  However, they
> don't own the IP range provided by your ISP (unless they are also your
> ISP).  The ISP has to do a reverse delegation pointing to the correct
> DNS servers for the IP range they gave you.
> For example in our zones we have Network Solutions as Registrar, our own
> in house DNS servers and AT&T as the internet carrier.   We had to tell
> BOTH Network Solutions AND AT&T what our DNS servers were.  Network
> Solutions so it could delegate forward lookups to us and AT&T so it
> could delegate reverse lookups to us.
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> Subject: OT: set up Reverse DNS zone
> The APNIC site is extremely unhelpful in setting up new reverse DNS
> zones
> I want the the NS record for our servers to be pointed to our DNS
> servers and nothing has done inspite of giving the request on the APNIC
> page 
> They have not setup the the NS record for my zones 
> . We recieved a mail from them and took the
> necessary actions but nothing has been done since 1 week now 
> Can someone guide me whom can I approach for proper help 
> Thanks
> Ram
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