Providing off site DNS backup

Dave Sparro dsparro at
Fri Feb 9 16:10:53 UTC 2007

On 2/9/07, x_bind-users_x at
<x_bind-users_x at> wrote:
> > > I'd like to
> > > investigate housing a third slave server off site. I just wondered what
> > > others are doing for this?
> > I am running a fallback DNS server on a VPS rented from
> > There is also who will play slave DNS for you for free
> > while configuring your zones via a web interface.
> My prefence is also to rent a VPS for slave DNS (albeit not with
> vpslink), especially if you already already running the master.

Make sure you compare the amount of data you plan on hosting via a
shared server.  BIND loads the DNS data into RAM, and serves it from
there.  If you've got a lot of domains, or a large domain, you could
run into any cap on memory usage your provider has.


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