expected view behavior

Andre Gerhard agerhard at usp.br
Tue Feb 13 20:43:17 UTC 2007


My configuration is as follows.
I have two views defined, in a split-dns way.

Part of named.conf, from machine viewserver.mydomain.com,
IPs are sanitized:

acl clients {

view "internal" {
        match-clients { clients; };
        recursion yes;

        //hint, localhost zones etc defined here

view "external" {
        match-clients { any; };
        recursion no;

        zone "subdomain.mydomain.com" {
               type master;
               file "subdomain.db";

Also, we have another server, that defines the domain mydomain.com.

In this server, I delegate the subdomain.mydomain.com to the server
that have these views defined by doing:

subdomain.mydomain.com.    IN    NS    viewserver.mydomain.com.

Both servers are located in the internal network.

Then, in the example.db above, I have an A record, say:
mymachine.subdomain.domain.com.   IN  A

So mymachine is also located in the internal network.

Outside the network defined by the ACL, I am able to resolve the external
name mymachine.subdomain.domain.com.

But the problem is that if I am inside the network (from machines that
are in the acl clients), I receive a SERVFAIL response.

Is this the correct behavior ?

Why I could not resolve the external name if I am located in the
internal network ?

To make things work, I must define the zone in the external *and*
in the internal view ?

Andre Gerhard
Universidade de Sao Paulo

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