Wildcards in reverse DNS

Edward Lewis Ed.Lewis at neustar.biz
Thu Jan 4 12:43:43 UTC 2007

At 2:18 -0800 1/4/07, Steve K. wrote:
>I am curious, why are you using ipv6 in the first place? Aside from it's
>eye appearance (I frankly find it difiuclt to make any sence of show
>it's structured, where as ipv4 a.b.c.d is so easy to understand), why
>would anyone want to use it? I really am curious.

This really isn't the forum for this question.

There's another answer out there already that I would could be 
simplified that IPv6 is just 96 more bits in address space.  A lot of 
the innovations introduced for IPv6 have already been rolled back 
into IPv4 (like IPSEC), and there are band-aids like NAT that 
alleviate other shortcomings.

IPv4 won't allow the Internet to grow to a global scale.  (Contrary 
to reports, the Internet still has a lot of growth left.)  IPv6 
removes the address depletion factor.

OTOH, whether IPv6 is still the answer (it was selected to replace 
IPv4 about 10 years ago) is something I question.  Route table 
capacity issues dog the technology and are the primary reason holding 
it back.

So far, the dancing KAME turtle has been the only thing available on 
IPv6 that is not available on IPv4.  If a dancing turtle couldn't 
make IPv6 popular, what can?

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