Override transferred zone information?

Eric Jain Eric.Jain at isb-sib.ch
Fri Jan 5 14:34:05 UTC 2007

Kevin Darcy wrote:
> Unfortunately, iterative resolvers will typically prefer 
> *faster* nameservers over slower ones, so presumably the easyDNS servers 
> are getting a lot more queries for your zones than your own nameservers 
> are (if not, perhaps you aren't getting your money's worth). Which 
> means, all other things being equal, even if you implement GeoDNS on 
> your servers, Internet clients will get the non-"geo"'ed answers more 
> often than not.

This gets me to another idea: If there was a nameserver at each geographic 
site (there are only three sites), couldn't we just list two of the 
nameservers as secondary nameservers? Each nameserver would still return 
multiple records, but list the local site first. Does this make any sense?

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