Strange: My Bind (8.4.6) freezes randomly : Sysklogd?

Stefan Puiu stefan.puiu at
Tue Jan 16 13:06:51 UTC 2007

On 1/16/07, Santiago Romero <sromero at> wrote:
>   I changed from syslog to syslog-ng and named stopped freezing :-?

If you have this set to no (options section), it should be ok:

        # enable or disable DNS usage
        # syslog-ng blocks on DNS queries, so enabling DNS may lead to
        # a Denial of Service attack
        # (default is yes)
That seems to be the case on Ubuntu edgy, and they often use the
Debian defaults.

>   Maybe the bind package in Debian should have syslog-ng as
> a dependency...

If it wasn't reported as a bug in Debian, it should be. However, not
sure the Debian packagers would understand the issue... I'll look for
it in their BTS, they should at least know about it...


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