BIND 9.5?

Mark Andrews Mark_Andrews at
Thu Jan 25 02:38:26 UTC 2007

> In the security advisory that went out tonight, a BIND 9.5.0a2 was
> mentioned. I can't find any information about this release on line
> (although I admit I didn't spend a LOT of time looking). So, a few
> questions:
> 1. What are the motivations for this branch? (NSEC3?)

	GSS-TIG support.

	Experimental extentions (dns_clien_*()) to libdns
	that will eventually be a replacement for libbind.

	Improved stats, xml based.

	Note we can only introduce features in the .0 releases.

> 2. Will it replace 9.4.x as the "next" supported branch?

	In turn, yes.

> 3. What's the rough time line for a release version? (More relevant if
> the answer to 2 is yes).

	No time yet for final release.  We held off releasing 9.5.0a1
	to the public.  9.5.0a1 was released to BIND Forum members.
	I suspect there will be multiple alphas.  We need to get
	feedback on the GSSTIG support, etc.

> 4. Where can we get information about the new release, and download
> the bits?

	This will be done the usual way.  bind-announce and
> If the answer to 2 above is no, I'm a little concerned that we may
> have too many irons in the fire here. I try to keep up to date testing
> the various new code bases on my platform, but there is only so much
> time to test, and so many resources to do (meaningful) testing on. It
> would be nice if we could hear what the path going forward looks like
> so that we can make plans accordingly.

	We intend to end-of-life BIND 9.2.x 6 months after BIND 9.4.0
	goes final.

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