BIND 9.5?

Doug Barton dougb at
Mon Jan 29 20:30:25 UTC 2007

Mark Andrews wrote:
>> In the security advisory that went out tonight, a BIND 9.5.0a2 was
>> mentioned. I can't find any information about this release on line
>> (although I admit I didn't spend a LOT of time looking). So, a few
>> questions:
>> 1. What are the motivations for this branch? (NSEC3?)
> 	GSS-TIG support.
> 	Experimental extentions (dns_clien_*()) to libdns
> 	that will eventually be a replacement for libbind.
> 	Improved stats, xml based.

Thanks for that information.

> 	Note we can only introduce features in the .0 releases.

Hrrmm, I didn't realize that this had been formalized. Will NSEC3 go
into 9.4.0 then?

>> If the answer to 2 above is no, I'm a little concerned that we may
>> have too many irons in the fire here. I try to keep up to date testing
>> the various new code bases on my platform, but there is only so much
>> time to test, and so many resources to do (meaningful) testing on. It
>> would be nice if we could hear what the path going forward looks like
>> so that we can make plans accordingly.
> 	We intend to end-of-life BIND 9.2.x 6 months after BIND 9.4.0
> 	goes final.

Doesn't really help me, I dropped support for 9.2.x in FreeBSD ages
ago. :)

Thanks again,


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