Define a domains addresses sole in terms of another

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Tue Jul 10 08:29:22 UTC 2007

On Tue, Jul 10, 2007 at 09:06:10AM +0100,
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> Perhaps I should explain the setup - its a Plesk managed system
> which writes separate files for each zone, I then have to hand edit
> them and restart BIND to effect them.

It seems a very strange setup. The purpose of Plesk is to avoid
hand-edition of files. What's the point of using Plesk in your case?
Wouldn't it be better to drop it completely?

AFAIK (I'm not an user), Plesk is good for individual edition of zone
data, not for mass automation (a domain which is better handled by
script programming languages like Python or Lua).

I maintain my recommandations:

1) Fast and hacky: use only one zone file for every domain. If the
contents of the zone file are relative (see my first advice), it will

2) Clean and modern: do not produce zone files by hand, have them
created by a program which reads the database of managed domains.

Here is a complete translation of your zone file in relative, suitable
for solution 1:

$TTL    86400

@       IN      SOA     ns system\.admin (
                        1132657947      ; Serial
                        10800   ; Refresh
                        3600    ; Retry
                        604800  ; Expire
                        86400 ) ; Minimum

                          IN NS      ns
                          IN NS      ns0
                          IN NS

                  IN A
                  IN MX  10  mail

ns                IN A
ns0               IN A

www                              IN A
webmail                          IN CNAME   www
ftp                              IN CNAME   www
mail                             IN A

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