refresh: non-authoritative answer from master

Mike Bloxham bind.users at
Tue Jul 10 15:23:08 UTC 2007

I am getting the following when attempting to do reverse-ip zone transfers:

Jul 10 10:01:18 dns3 named[4402]: zone 1.10.IN-ADDR-ARPA/IN/internal: refres
h: non-authoritative answer from master nnn.nnn.nn.nn#53 (source
Jul 10 10:01:40 dns3 named[4402]: zone nn.nnn.nnn.IN-ADDR-ARPA/IN/internal:
refresh: non-authoritative answer from master nnn.nnn.nn.nn#53 (source

My configuration has dns1 and dns2 in a DMZ.  These 2 servers transfer my
reverse zone with no problems.  But, my 3rd server, dns3, is behind a
firewall to serve the internal network, and can only transfer the forward
zones, not the reverse zones.

The reverse zones are both real IP-zones, and rfc1918 zones (10.1, 10.2,
etc.).  I placed NS records in the reverse zone files on the master server
(dns1), thinking maybe the master (dns1) did not think that the slave (dns3)
was authoritative.

I thought maybe it was a delagation problem, but what about the 10.x zones?
The slave dns2 has no problems transfering these zones from the master dns1.

The config files between the slaves are pretty much the same.


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